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The Z Launcher is ever adapting to you and the way that you use your smart phone. Over the course of time, it pays attention to the apps you use most often and promote them so that they will open and run faster. The more often you make use of it, the better it works and the faster it gets. It works with apps, as well as people you frequently contact and the websites you visit most often. It can even ascertain which of these you access most in the morning or the ones you access at night. It is capable of launching just about anything in one second.

The simplicity of the Z Launcher rivals just about anything else in its class. You can simply scribble a letter on the touch screen that will quickly allow you to find contacts, apps or websites that start with or even contain the letter you scribbled. Once found, the simple touch or tap will launch these finds with quickness and ease and it continues to promote the right things the more often you use it. As it adapts more and more to the way you use your phone and learns exactly what you do and when, it will mean less screen tapping for you. If your phone plays an integral part of your profession, you can expect to see noticeable spikes in your level of production with this app.

Your privacy is very important to Nokia and the Z Launcher. The service contains the application itself as well as a cloud service that allows the app to learn your frequented applications, which websites you visit most often, as well as which people you often contact. To do so, the service processes information in context with the way you use your phone, the calls you make as well as other communication information. It may also make use to your location and how you use other applications and widgets from your home screen. The service contains a prediction engine that then looks at this information and provides you with a list of actions that are based on those predictions.

Information collected for the prediction service includes bookmarks you have stored, a history of your inbound and outbound calls, including the times at which these calls are made, contact names that are associated with the calls based on information you have stored, a device-specific identifier used for licensing management and your mobile phone’s identity, and you list of favorites.

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