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Just in time for its fifth anniversary, the Nova Launcher 5.0 is now available. This is an Android launcher that is well known for its ability for many various customization options, and popular for the same reason.

With what sometimes seems like a vast and endless array of Android launchers on the market today, it can sometimes be hard to figure out which one you should choose. It all boils down to whether or not you want the strictest of core values in an app that makes your phone faster, or whether you would like to have an array of options when it comes to functionality and personalization of home screens, font options, tabs and folders and so much more. The Nova caters to those who prefer the latter.

This new version of Nova comes complete with tons of functions, somewhat similar to Google Pixel, in this version features a pixel-style search bar with shortcuts, various commands and much more.

TeslaCoil Software is behind this Android launch app, which currently has been downloaded more than ten million time from the Google Play Store. So many users prefer this launcher to the others that are currently available on the market that it has rightly gained the term “unofficial fan favorite”. Not only is it easy to download, it is also completely free, but is topped off with the introduction of brand new options that were, at one time, only available to a handful of beta testers.

The Nova’s comparison to Google Pixel certainly hasn’t curtailed users from downloading this popular launcher. In addition to the swipe to open drawer in pixel launcher style, this app also gives the user many options for personalization of icons as well as tabs. These can be sorted, quickly and easily, by name, category, recent, new and updated and frequent. New commands make accessibility of the system easier. There is a timeout screen lock, a quick start screen, and gestures available with a double tap that aide the ease of launcher activation with the faster ability to change settings. Nova also supports Android 7.1 Nougat shortcuts as well, for better integration and adaptability.

The Nova launcher is available for download by anyone, along with its new features and offers. There are, however, even more functions available with the purchase of the premium version of Nova for $4.99. Both the free and premium versions are available, of course, from Google play.

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