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The FastKey Launcher is a home screen replacement that makes application launching and contact dialing as fast as is possible. There is no need for this app to make use of tabs, folders, drawers or shortcuts. A search-based approach is utilized and a keyboard and search bar are placed right on your home screen for quickly finding what you need.

With the tap of one key, any recipient or app that begins with that letter will immediately pop up, allowing you to choose it without even typing the entire name. It is much faster than the old scrolling method or application drawer. If you have a great deal of applications installed on your device, then you will see the implications of this quick response and how much of a difference it makes in your capabilities.

While FastKey is quite a bit different than many other available launchers, it does not completely change your home screen. You still have the comforts of home, such as the bottom dock and scrollable pages, a familiarity that will be appreciated. In the meantime, the virtual keyboard is pinned to the bottom of the screen all the time, giving you access whenever you need it for the speed you need in a moment’s notice.

The ability for personalized customization does not have a great many features to offer at the present time. You can choose from differing scrolls effects, a customized layout of the app drawer and icon labels can be toggled off or on, but that is about as far as your options go until an update is available. You are not capable, at this time, of resizing the keyboard or giving it a specific theme and you are not able to utilize an icon pack.

The main complaint with this launcher has been the fact that tapping a contact’s name immediately calls that contact. A quick message option would certainly be a good option to have, especially for those times when calling is not the best viable option.


Download FastKey Launcher

Overall, FastKey is very capable at performing its given functions and is still one of the quickest means of app launching and contact dialing. However, if customization, lots of menus and multiple setting options are important to you, you may want to go with a different Android app launcher, as this one simply does not have the functionality you might get with others.

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