Best Android Launchers 2018 for Theming Customizations

There is no other place that is clearer than your home screen. You can select the type of launcher app that runs your home screen as well as what you execute and what you do not want on your home screen. Launchers are imperative for the reason that each of them comes with its own specific techniques, inadequacies, and even peculiarities.

How you will set a theme in Buzz Launcher is quite different from the way you set the same theme in Nova Launcher. On the other hand, folders perform differently in Hola Launcher than what is obtainable in Action Launcher 3.

Therefore, let us examine all the available Launchers to know the best of them all.

The Apex Launcher

This is a launcher specially designed for customizing all things that need customization. Apex comes with a customizable grid on the home screen —which is up to 10 x10 — and it can be autonomously set between Landscape and Portrait.

Apex Launcher lets you download themes from Google Play, mix and match them for the best font, skin, and icons. However, a modest collection of gesture controls are available in the free version, but there are more on the Pro version. You can autonomously backup your Apex Settings as well as your Desktop data, by the time you are backing up your setup in Apex.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is for prêt-à-porter themes. This particular launcher is for users who want a theme they can select from a set and gallery on their gadget. With Buzz Launcher, you are protected. However, you are not provided with the choice to import your existing layout from different launcher, or the choice of beginning totally from the scratch, when you first open Buzz.

Buzz offers you a list of default themes that will enable you change the layout to your needs and also configure the widgets used in that particular theme instead. When talking about docks and icons, Buzz Launcher has its peculiar limitations. For instance, the dock can accommodate just five shortcuts/folders/apps, even if you have up to a 12 x 12 home screen.

As a matter of fact, Buzz Launcher is meant for people who really want to choose a theme among great themes available, get used to a few widgets/icons and developing Homepack the community to match their needs, but not just for users who actually want to clutter about with their themes.

Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is designed for material goodness and drawer-lovers. It is never news again that this launcher has since been editor choice around Android Central. Without mincing words, it is wonderful and amazing as a theming launcher. With its Quicktheme feature, you can set colors for elements such as folder backgrounds, Quickdrawer, and the Google search bar automatically, depending on the colors in your wallpaper.

Gestures are great features as far as Action Launcher is concerned. Moreover, Action Launcher may be an ideal match, if gestures figure deeply into your themes or your workflow.

Hola Launcher

This new launcher is for essential theming on essential phones. It is just a 3.4MB download — lesser than a good number of MP3s. The implication is that Hola is a launcher that will be suitable and run on phones that are ruthlessly deficient in memory and space, and even feature a shortcut on the home screen for clearing up Hola Boost RAM. As a result, you can as well try out the latest launcher and some simple themes, even if your phone is slow, old, short of space.

Nova Launcher

This is the launcher for all and sundry—beginners, professionals and all others. Nova Launcher is very close to the top of the list if not number one if there is pecking order of theming launchers. This launcher has a lot of enthusiasts all over the world and it is a great thing that ever occurred to Android. Nova Launcher will allow you carry out all operations on your Android.

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