Action Launcher 3 Review


A great way to customize your Android experience without needing to root your device is making use of an Android launcher. Android launchers normally change the appearance and feel of your Android device. Hence, you are capable of changing graphics and animations, get custom widgets installed or even give the app drawer an entire new look.

However, things have changed these days, despite the fact that launchers are really great and a lot of manufacturers such as Samsung or LG put additional effort into their integrated launcher.

Action Launcher 3 is planned to get you to your goal faster and it is one of the best Android launchers as far as the ecosystem is concerned for the reason that it continues having new features. Most of the ideas for new features are from feedback from users. This is why many people keep patronizing Action Launcher 3.

Action Launcher 3 makes use of material design to regenerate a lot of elements of your home screen and enhance the ease with which you access applications.


  • Restructures the Home Screen Experience
  • Exceptional performance –┬áThis app ran efficiently like the default Android Lollipop launcher
  • Not difficult to use
  • Never stuttering, crashing or lagging
  • Maintains harmony between the colors with the Quick-theme


  • Lacks integrated tutorial. You must figure out your own how to use features like Covers or how to reorganize the app layout and icons.
  • The free version of the app is not powerful enough. Therefore, you must upgrade to the Pro version to fully enjoy Action Launcher 3.


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