5 New Android launcher Apps to Serve Your

Android launcher Apps to Serve Your Interface Layout. You can tailor every Android phone to serve your distinctive interests and interface layout, if you put enough time, effort and Android launcher apps such as Apex, Nova and the likes have proved this fact time and again. Android launcher apps have come to serve your interface layout and offer you a wonderful experience as a user.

Discussed below are a few new Android launcher apps and interface tools that you might find useful.

Eyespage Launcher – Smart Home

With Eyespage Launcher app, you can make space for a more intuitive, useful and responsive home screen. That is slogan of those who created Eyespage, when they embark on a mission to categorize and organize your apps automatically, showing the ones that are appropriate for the time and where you are. Rapid search and un-intrusive notifications from wherever you are with Smart Folders and Smart Bar options, Eyespage is up to something.

AGK Launcher App

This Android Launcher app is for side loading apps in the Google TV devices. By long-pressing on the icon of AGK Launcher App, you can uninstall or clear data as well as see all the applications there, be it official or not.

iKid Launcher App

This is a launcher premeditated for those who are having kids. iKid Launcher app allows you access to preapproved function, in order for your child not to mess up anything on the tablet or phone, or doesn’t gain access to something incongruous for their age. The cartoonist iKid interface shows only vetted apps.


mLauncher is a home screen replacement for your Android TV gear. This Android Launcher app allows you to open the controller settings or set your own wallpaper.

Back Button Gesture Launcher App

This is an Android Launcher app that has been updated with a wide range of features in the recent time, not to talk about the crummy promo video.  Back Button Gesture Launcher App assigns virtual thumb drawings as gestures on a designated area to the side of your screen, to enable you go back, start apps as well as allot further actions to them, without having to stretch down all the way for the menu keys on a big-screen phone or the menu keys.

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